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Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 8

"Sand-dancer" by Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

[This source text represents the final, author-prefered version of Sand-dancer, the example game for "Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7." If browsing online, the "Complete Text" link to the left leads to a text file you can copy and paste into a blank Inform project.]

[Several additional changes have been made to this version: these are commented as they appear.]

The release number is 8.

Release along with a website and the source text.

[This version is too large to fit in the z-machine formats, so you'll need to change the format in the Settings tab to "Glulx." To export a playable webpage for this story, you'll also need to install the Quixe template (instructions are here: (under "Put Quixe on your own web site"). Or, comment out the following line:]

Release along with the "Quixe" interpreter.

The story headline is "A Desert Fable".

Use no scoring.

Use American dialect.

Include Conversation Framework for Sand-dancer by Aaron Reed.

The story description is "It figures that your pickup would die on a night like this and leave you stranded in the dark New Mexico desert. But nothing else figures about this night, man. Nothing at all."

The story genre is "Fiction".

The story creation year is 2010.

Release along with cover art.[Make sure you download both Cover.jpg and Small Cover.jpg and place them in the Materials folder for your project if you want to use this line.]

Release along with an introductory booklet, a website, an interpreter, and the source text.

[Exercise 6.3]

Include Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed.

Include Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed.

Include Poor Man's Mistype by Aaron Reed.

Include Modified Exit by Emily Short.

Include Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed.