Sand-dancer — 2 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Part - Mechanics

Chapter - Customizations

Understand the command "rub" as something new.

[Exercise 5.2][Instead of singing: say "You try to sing some classic rock, but it just makes the silence around you even creepier."]

Before showing something (called the item) to someone (called the viewer): try giving the item to the viewer instead.

Before listing contents while taking inventory: group talents together.

Before listing contents while taking inventory: group things required by a plan together. Before grouping together things required by a plan: say "useful stuff: ".

Include Default Messages by David Fisher.

To say bro: say "[one of]bro[or]man[or]dude[or]amigo[or]brohim[as decreasingly likely outcomes]".

When play begins:

set LibMsg <block swearing obscenely> to "Mos def, [bro].[/n]";

set LibMsg <empty line> to "Say what?[/n]";

set LibMsg <unknown object> to "[one of]Uh, not sure about the noun there, [bro].[or]Try a different noun with that command.[stopping][/n]";

set LibMsg <Inventory initial text> to "You've got";

set LibMsg <cannot take yourself> to "Yeah, you do need to get a hold of yourself.[/n]";

set LibMsg <cannot take other people> to "What is this, [bro], weight training?[/n]";

set LibMsg <cannot take something already taken> to "You already got that shit, [bro].[/n]";

set LibMsg <report player taking> to "[one of]Snagged[or]Got [if noun acts plural][']em[otherwise]it[end if][or]Sure thing, [bro][at random].[/n]";

set LibMsg <examine undescribed things> to "[one of]About what you'd expect.[or]Looks normal.[or]Yeah, it's [a noun].[as decreasingly likely outcomes][/n]";

set LibMsg <look under> to "[one of]Nada[or]El zilcho[or]Nothin[at random].[/n]";

set LibMsg <cannot eat unless edible> to "You ain't that hungry, [bro].[/n]";

set LibMsg <report player touching things> to "No surprises.[/n]";

set LibMsg <report player touching other people> to "He's real.[/n]";

set LibMsg <block climbing> to "Uh, [bro], probably not a good plan.[/n]";

set LibMsg <block attacking> to "Come on [bro], they already think you have anger management issues.[/n]";

set LibMsg <block burning> to "Heh heh... fire... fire.[/n]";

set LibMsg <block throwing at> to "Hey, let's not just piss people off for no reason.[/n]";

set LibMsg <block sleeping> to "For whatever reason you've never felt more awake.[/n]";

set LibMsg <block waking up> to "Good call, [bro], but you can't seem to snap yourself out of whatever this is. Doesn't feel like a dream, anyway.[/n]"

Every turn when a dramatic scene is not happening and Coyote's Offer has not ended and a random chance of 1 in 40 succeeds: say "[one of]You shiver in the cold air[or]The cold night air swirls around you, and you pull your jacket closer[or]The air is frigid, and turns your breath into clouds[at random]."

Before saying hello to when noun is not a spirit animal and noun is not voice: instead say "You can't really get into a good conversation right now."