Sand-dancer — 15 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Part - Setting

Chapter - Around the Tower

[Exercise 3.3][A plant is a kind of thing. A plant is always fixed in place. A plant can be living or dead. A plant is usually living. Some yellowing weeds are an undescribed plant in Weed-strewn Rust. The tumbleweed is a dead plant.]

[Exercise 6.2 -- requires Exercise 3.3][Understand "plant" as a plant. Understand the dead property as describing a plant.]

Around the Tower is a region. Middle of Nowhere, Backtracking, Crumbling Concrete, Base of the Tower, and Weed-strewn Rust are in Around the Tower. Roof is regionally in Around the Tower.

Some tire tracks are a backdrop. They are in Middle of Nowhere and Backtracking. The desert sand, some sagebrush, and the concrete building are backdrops. The desert sand is in Around the Tower. The sagebrush is in Around the Tower. The concrete building is in Around the Tower.

Instead of taking the desert sand: say "[if Rainstorm is happening]More like mud right now.[otherwise]You kneel down and let some run through your fingers, vague memories of better times slipping through your fingers. But the ground is freezing and you get back to your feet."

Base of the Tower is north of Crumbling Concrete. A room called Weed-strewn Rust is east of Crumbling Concrete and southeast of Base of the Tower. Backtracking is south of Middle of Nowhere.