Sand-dancer — 17 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Section - Backtracking

The description of Backtracking is "It's quieter and darker over here, the black desert night bleeding in. Your [tire tracks] are hardly visible in the [desert sand], and you can barely make out the way north back to your truck."

Before going south in Backtracking: say "[first time]You stare back down the pickup's path uneasily. The tracks are swallowed by blackness, quickly melding, blending, and vanishing into a maze of ATV tracks, coyote trails, rocky outcrops, and shadows. You squint at the horizon. There's no distant sweep of headlights, no sound of trucks shifting through lonely gears. Nothing. Nothing at all. [only]You're way off the road, and there's no chance at all of finding it again in this demon dark." instead.