Sand-dancer — 18 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Section - Crumbling Concrete

Crumbling Concrete is north of Middle of Nowhere. The description of Crumbling Concrete is "This [building] must've been some sort of utility structure for [the huge electrical tower] to the north, now abandoned[if lit by headlights]: [a pane of cracked glass] sparkles faintly in the beam of your headlights[otherwise if lit by flashlight]: it seems dead and alone in the dusty beam of your flashlight[end if]. Tendrils of [sand] drift against [a boarded-up door] to the northeast leading inside; you could also walk around to the east or head south back to your truck."

Instead of opening, entering, or attacking boarded-up door: say "The door won't budge. You slam your hands against the boards in frustration[if pane of cracked glass is closed], causing a nearby window to quiver in the reflected light[end if]." Understand "board/boards/boarded" as boarded-up door. Understand "quiver" as pane of cracked glass.

Instead of entering concrete building when location is Backtracking or location is Middle of Nowhere: say "You aren't close enough to the building." Instead of entering concrete building: try going inside.

Instead of going inside from Crumbling Concrete when pane of cracked glass is closed: try going northeast.