Sand-dancer — 19 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Section - Base of the Tower

The description of Base of the Tower is "Behind [the concrete building], featureless except for [a dust-covered window], [a steel girder] rises from [the sand][if lit by flashlight]; you shine your flashlight up towards the tower looming above you[otherwise if lit by headlights], one of three legs of [the huge electrical tower] looming like some gargantuan spider into blackness above you[otherwise]; far above you [a red warning light] blinks on and off[end if]. [A tumbleweed] drifts lazily against the rusted metal among [scrawny weeds] and [trash]. The desert stretches in all directions except back south or southeast towards the [if lit brightly]glow of the [end if]building." A red warning light is scenery in Base of the Tower.

A steel girder, some scrawny weeds, and some bits of trash are scenery in Base of the Tower.

The description of bits of trash is "Worthless and forgotten, drifting against snags like non-biodegradable snow."

A tumbleweed and a rusty tin can are in Base of the Tower. The tumbleweed is scenery.

Instead of taking the tumbleweed: say "Let it blow on. Wherever it's going is bound to be better than here."

The huge electrical tower is a backdrop. It is in Around the Tower. Understand "rusted/metal" as electrical tower. The description of huge electrical tower is "You can barely see it in the gloom but it's huge, like a metal spider web weaving into space. Way above, a red light blinks on, off, on, off."

[Exercise 4.3]The initial appearance of rusty tin can is "Someone left a tin can here years ago: ridged ripples run down its rusty side."

[Exercise 4.1]

[Section - Against the Fence

Against the Fence is north of Base of the Tower. "You've come right up against the [barbed-wire fence] running around the tower. [A dessicated cow skull] is the only sign that anything here was ever alive." It is in Around the Tower. A barbed-wire fence and a dessicated cow skull are fixed in place scenery in Against the Fence.]