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Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Section - Weed-strewn Rust

Some yellowing weeds are fixed in place and undescribed in Weed-strewn Rust. Understand "weed" as yellowing weeds.

The description of Weed-strewn Rust is "Behind the rather small [building] and its [tiny frosted window] is nothing but a scraggly patch of [yellowing weeds] and dirt near [a leaking pipe], littered by [a collection of rusted barrels] and some [scattered newspapers]. Desert stretches in all directions; back west is the front of the building."

The scattered newspapers are scenery in Weed-strewn Rust. [You might have already created these in Exercise 3.1.] A collection of rusted barrels and a leaking pipe are scenery in Weed-strewn Rust.

[Exercise 4.2]The description of scattered newspapers is "Garbage, even if they weren't smeared and streaked illegible."

An overturned barrel is a fixed in place supporter in Weed-strewn Rust. A weather-worn guidebook is on barrel. Understand "book/pages/page/guide" as guidebook. The initial appearance of barrel is "[if the number of things on barrel is at least 1]Atop one [overturned barrel] [is-are a list of things on barrel].[otherwise]The top of the [overturned barrel] is stained with rust.[end if]".

The description of guidebook is "Most of the pages are faded or worn away, but flipping through, it looks like a guide to local animal life. You could try looking up various animals in it."

[Exercise 9.3]Instead of consulting the guidebook about "sand-dancer/sand/dancer/lizard/lizards/brown": say "You look up the brown-colored lizard in the guidebook and quickly identify it: those eyes are a dead giveaway. The entry says it's a 'rare subspecies of the common desert lizard found only in the deep desert near Oro Oeste, and known to native peoples as a [italic type]sand-dancer[roman type]. In legends, the sand-dancer was a clever trickster and twister of words, who created night by tricking the sun into spending half the day underground.' Huh."

Instead of consulting the guidebook about "hare/rabbit": say "You look up the hare in the guidebook. 'Common desert rabbit,' it says, 'frequently mistaken for a hare. Lives in underground burrows which it uses to keep warm through chill desert nights. Trusted by native peoples as a guide and symbol of rebirth.'"

Instead of consulting the guidebook about "coyote": say "Weird, it looks like somebody's ripped out the page."

[Exercise 11.4]Understand "guide/book/page/pages" as the guidebook. Understand the command "read about" as "consult".

[Exercise 3.1]Some scattered newspapers are in Weed-strewn Rust. A withered cactus is fixed in place in Backtracking.