Sand-dancer — 25 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Section - Foreman's Office

The description of Foreman's Office is "[if location is lit by flashlight]You sweep the beam of your flashlight around[otherwise]The stark emergency lights illume[end if] this tiny office, probably once where the boss sat under [a dust-covered window]. The only exit is to the south."

A dust-covered window is a window. It is outside of Foreman's Office and inside from Base of the Tower.

A half-collapsed desk is in Foreman's Office. On the desk is a rusted key.

[Exercise 5.2]Instead of entering half-collapsed desk: say "It's already on its last legs."

[Exercise 3.2][A wastepaper basket is an open unopenable fixed in place container in Foreman's Office.]

A faded safety poster is in Foreman's Office. "Tacked to the wall is a peeling safety poster, text almost faded away except for a section mentioning an emergency radio frequency." Understand "peeling/text/section/emergency/radio/frequency" as faded safety poster. The description is "According to the poster, the emergency radio frequency is [the emergency frequency]." Instead of taking poster: say "It would disintegrate if you tried to remove it from the wall."