Sand-dancer — 26 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 8

Section - Storage Room

The description of Storage Room is "The walls are lined with [bare metal shelves], [if location is lit by flashlight]casting strange patterns of shadow as you sweep your flashlight beam around[otherwise]rusting away[end if]. The break room lies back to the south and a [utility ladder] climbs through [a broken skylight] to the roof."

The emergency lights are a plural-named fixed in place device in Storage Room. Understand "bare/bulbs/control/panel" or "light bulb" or "light bulbs" as the emergency lights.

The initial appearance of the emergency lights is "Mounted to the wall is a control panel for the building's emergency lights. They are switched [if emergency lights are switched on]on[otherwise]off[end if]."

For writing a paragraph about the emergency lights: say "Near some [rows of crumbling shelving] supporting hundreds of dusty [cans of food] [if emergency lights are switched off]you spot a dark[otherwise]is the[end if] control panel for the building's emergency lights."; now cans of food are mentioned.

After switching on the emergency lights: now every room regionally in Tower Vicinity is lighted; say "With a sharp buzz, a whiff of static and an electrical groan, bare light bulbs flicker on throughout the building."

After switching off the emergency lights:

now every room regionally in Tower Vicinity is dark;

if headlights are switched on:

now every within range of headlights room is lighted;

say "The lights die out, except for a ghostly glow from outside that must be your headlights.";

otherwise if flashlight is switched on and flashlight is visible:

say "The lights die out, leaving only the beam of your flashlight.";


say "The lights flicker and die out";

if player holds courage:

say ", but you are not afraid";

say ".";

say "[line break]The generator whines as it powers off, slowly falling silent."

Some bare metal shelves, a utility ladder and a broken skylight are scenery in Storage Room. Instead of climbing or entering the utility ladder: try going up. Understand "use [utility ladder]" as entering.

[Exercise 3.2]A rusted filing cabinet is a closed openable fixed in place container in Storage Room.

[Exercise 4.2]The description of rusted filing cabinet is "Almost looks like an antique. How long has this place been deserted, anyway?"

Some rows of crumbling shelving are a fixed in place supporter in Storage Room.

Some cans of food are on the shelving. The cans of food are fixed in place. Understand "can/hundreds" as cans of food.

Instead of taking cans of food: say "You grab one and turn it over and over in your hand, but water has soaked and crumbled away the label, and you don't have any way to get it open. Your stomach growls a little as you put it back on the shelf." Instead of opening or eating cans of food: try taking cans of food.

Instead of taking cans of food when player holds can opener: say "You pull down a can from the shelf, grip it with the rusty can opener, and peel open the lid. Yuck: [one of]moldy peas[or]rotten condensed milk[or]black and mold-covered mushrooms[or]something nasty-smelling and green[as decreasingly likely outcomes]. [one of]Just your luck.[or]Not your lucky day.[or]Some of these should still be good, right?[as decreasingly likely outcomes]".

The canned oranges are a thing. Instead of taking cans of food when player holds can opener and player holds luck and canned oranges are not handled: say "You run your fingers along the cans, waiting until one feels right. There's nothing, nothing, but then... yeah. That's the one. You snag it down, twist it open, and boom: mandarin oranges, unspoiled and delicious. You scarf them down, picking them out segment by segment with your chilly fingers. By the time you've polished them off you're a lot less hungry. You grab the next can down for later."; move canned oranges to player.

Instead of taking cans of food when can opener is handled and canned oranges are handled: say "You won't be hungry again till morning."