Sand-dancer — 27 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Section - Break Room

The description of Break Room is "Shadows and grime linger in dark corners of this dismal room with just one [tiny frosted window]. Some [rotting picnic tables] strewn with [layers of sand] and [crumbling trash] are pushed against one wall, and open doorways lead west and north."

Some rotting picnic tables and some crumbling trash are scenery in Break Room.

A wire mesh cage is in Break Room. In it is an emergency blanket. The cage is closed. The cage is openable. The cage is transparent and fixed in place. The cage is locked.

Instead of unlocking cage with rusted key: say "You sling the key into the lock, but as you turn it, the rusted metal snaps off inside. The crumbling fragments fall to the ground as you slam your fist against the wire mesh in frustration. This is not your day."; now rusted key is off-stage.

Instead of attacking closed cage when player holds strength: say "You grip the mesh in one hand and pull, and realize it's so rusted you can easily peel it back. The door rips free and you drop it to the floor."; now cage is open; now cage is unopenable; now cage is not lockable.

Instead of attacking closed cage: say "You try to get a grip on the mesh to rip it open, but you're just not strong enough."

Instead of attacking cage: say "You've already ripped it open. No point in going mental."

[Exercise 5.3][A first aid kit is an openable closed portable container. Some moth-eaten bandages are in first aid kit.

After taking emergency blanket when first aid kit is off-stage: now first aid kit is in cage; say "As you pick up the blanket, you find an old first aid kit underneath it."

Instead of inserting anything into first aid kit: say "It's really not the best place to store stuff."

Instead of wearing bandages: say "You don't need them."]

Instead of touching blanket when blanket is in cage: say "You can touch the warm wool through the mesh, but you can't get it out." Rule for reaching inside the wire mesh cage when we are touching: allow access.

[Exercise 10.8][A scrap of paper is in wire mesh cage. Rule for reaching inside cage when we are touching: allow access. Rule for reaching inside cage when we are taking: if noun is scrap of paper, allow access. After taking scrap when scrap was inside cage: say "Reaching carefully through the mesh, you snag an end of the scrap and pull it out."]

The blanket is wearable. After wearing blanket: say "You wrap it around your shoulders, and soon your shivering stops."

A tiny frosted window is a window. It is outside of Break Room and inside from Weed-strewn Rust.