Sand-dancer — 29 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 8

Section - Control Center

A can opener is in Control Center. The can opener is privately-named. Understand "opener" or "can opener" as the can opener. The initial appearance of can opener is "But hey, on one pile here's a perfectly good can opener."

The description of Control Center is "Some kind of electrical control stuff must have happened here once, but it's totally trashed now. Like, [piles of trash], broken equipment, and junk are everywhere. Back down is the only place to go."

Some piles of trash are scenery in Control Center. Understand "broken/equipment/junk" as piles of trash.

The smell of gasoline is fixed in place in Control Center. "[if player holds scent]You can clearly smell gasoline coming from under that [sheet of corrugated metal][otherwise]You catch a faint whiff of gasoline coming from somewhere[end if]." Understand "faint/whiff" as smell of gasoline. Understand "gas" as smell of gasoline when gas can is not visible.

Instead of doing anything to smell of gasoline, say "[if player holds scent]It's coming from beneath that [sheet of corrugated metal][else]You can't tell where the smell is coming from[end if]."

Instead of smelling Control Center, try smelling smell of gasoline.

A sheet of corrugated metal is an undescribed fixed in place thing in Control Center. Does the player mean doing anything to the flashlight while sheet of corrugated metal is in Control Center: it is unlikely

Instead of searching or taking piles of trash: try looking under piles of trash. Instead of searching or taking or looking under or pushing or pulling sheet of corrugated metal: try looking under piles of trash. Instead of looking under piles of trash: say "You root around in the trash hopelessly, but there's a lot of it. You don't turn up anything useful."

Instead of looking under piles of trash when player holds scent: say "Your sense of smell leads you straight to a [sheet of corrugated metal]. You lift it [if player holds strength]effortlessly [end if]and throw it aside, revealing a gas can."; move gas can to location; now smell of gasoline is off-stage.

A gas can is a closed openable container. The description is "It's full of gas." Instead of opening gas can: say "You don't want to spill it."