Sand-dancer — 33 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Chapter - Normal Animals

The brown lizard is in Middle of Nowhere. "[if player is in pickup truck]Through the windshield, you see a little lizard clinging frantically to the [Saguaro][otherwise]A brown-colored lizard clings to the cactus[end if]." Understand "brown-colored/colored/sand-dancer/dancer" or "sand dancer" as brown lizard. The description is "[one of]He looks pretty pissed that you crashed into his cactus. What did grandma used to call those little dudes? You can't remember any more[or]Oh yeah, you remember, she called them sand-dancers. This little sand-dancer still looks pissed[or]The little sand-dancer lizard stares at you with one slitted eye[stopping]."

Instead of giving anything to the lizard: say "You dangle [the noun] in front of it, but it just flicks its tongue in and out a little faster, staying put." Instead of attacking or taking or pushing or touching the lizard: say "You reach out to grab it, but in a flash it scurries around to the other side of the cactus and disappears."; now lizard is off-stage. Instead of kissing the lizard: say "Someone in elementary school dared you to do that once and you beat him up."

[Exercise 9.2]

[The desert hare is in Base of the Tower.

Every turn when a random chance of 1 in 4 succeeds:

let starting point be the location of the desert hare;

let destination be a random room which is adjacent to starting point;

let heading be the best route from starting point to destination;

if heading is a direction and destination is regionally in Around the Tower, try the desert hare going heading.

After the hare going a direction (called way): if the hare is visible or the hare was visible, say "The hare hops [way]wards."]