Sand-dancer — 44 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Chapter - Chase

Chase is a dramatic scene. Chase begins when Temptation ends. Chase ends when Chase is happening for six turns.

Carry out going during Chase: say "[one of]You move nervously forward.[or]You jog forward, eyes snapping left and right at the moving shadows around you.[or]You're running now, jumping over sagebrush and stumbling on rocks, as snarling animal forms close in around you.[or]You run.[stopping]".

Every turn during Chase: say "[one of]Something snarls off in the distance, a warning growl.[or]A howl from behind you, and an answer from somewhere ahead. Coyotes. Hungry, sounds like.[or]Coyotes call all around you now, circling in the dark, unseen, but coming closer, closer.[or]You can smell them now, wild, feral. Shifting shadows whirl around you, panting, whining with the thrill of the chase.[or]The pack's at your heels, snapping, growling, and you've never in your life been this terrified.[or]Snarls and teeth and mangy fur on every side.[stopping]".

The snarling shadows are an undescribed animal. When Chase begins: move snarling shadows to Open Desert. When Chase ends: now snarling shadows are off-stage. Understand "moving/shadow/animal/form/forms/snarl/growl/howl/coyote/sound/sounds/coyotes/wolf/call/feral/wild/shifting/pack/snarls/teeth/mangy/fur" as snarling shadows. Instead of doing anything to snarling shadows: say "All you can do is run."