Sand-dancer — 45 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Chapter - Fight

Fight is a dramatic scene. Fight begins when Chase ends.

Instead of brooding during Fight: say "No time for that now." [We don't want to restrict brooding during all dramatic scenes, since it's often useful to review memories before trading them, but there's no value in that here and it's particularly inappropriate.]

When Fight begins: now circle of snarling coyotes is in location; say "It's over. They've caught you. They surround you, circling, growling, looking for weakness, moving in for the kill."

The circle of snarling coyotes is an animal. The description is "They're all around you, teeth and fur and sweat and muscles, angry, closing.". Understand "coyote" as circle of snarling coyotes. Every turn when circle of snarling coyotes is visible: say "[one of]A coyote snaps his teeth, lunging forward then fading back into the pack.[or]The circle of snarling coyotes tightens.[or]The coyotes growl, pulling closer, snapping at your heels.[in random order]".

Instead of going when circle of snarling coyotes is visible: say "You try to flee and instantly teeth and claws block your path; you pull back to the center of the circle, terrified."

Fight ends in cowardice when Fight is happening for six turns. When Fight ends in cowardice: say "It's over. The coyotes dive in for the kill, jaws snapping, and you cower in fear.

But then one of them flicks his head and bares his teeth, and the others pull back. He's not bigger or stronger or anything but there's something about him that's different. He takes the littlest step forward and the others scatter, mangy shadows slinking away into the desert and then you're left alone with the leader, the alpha coyote."

Fight ends in bravery when we are attacking. Instead of attacking during Fight: say "It's over. The coyotes dive in for the kill, jaws snapping, [if player holds strength]and without hardly realizing what you're doing you make a fist and slam it into the one that's closest.

The coyote squeals, flung sideways by the strength of your punch, blood dripping from its nose, and the rest of the pack pulls back in sudden caution. Another coyote makes to lunge and you whirl towards it in fury, pulling back for another blow, but the pack breaks in some collective decision and scatters[otherwise if player holds courage]and suddenly this bolt of courage runs through you and without even thinking about it you leap towards the biggest coyote with a terrible scream.

It flinches back, suddenly unsure, and you charge at it full speed, still screaming, arms outstretched, until it turns tail and bolts away. The other coyotes circle uncertainly, but you turn your snarling furious rage on them too and then they're all scattering[end if], mangy shadows slinking away into the desert. Except for one last coyote who stands his ground."

Instead of throwing anything at circle of snarling coyotes during Fight: say "Maybe you could just attack them directly."

When Fight ends: now circle of snarling coyotes is off-stage.