Sand-dancer — 10 of 48

Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard

Release 7

Section - Lighter

Instead of burning the lighter:

if it's effectively dark, say "You flick the lighter, but the light seems grey and tiny in the face of the dark. All you can really see is[if location is Staging Area] [a desk] by your feet, and[end if][if there is at least one brighter direction] a slightly brighter place to [the list of brighter directions][otherwise] your shivering hand[end if]. As your thumb starts to burn you let the puny light go out.";

otherwise say "You flick it open and shut a few times, an old habit."

Understand the command "flick" as "light". Understand "use [lighter]" or "flick on [lighter]" as burning.

To decide whether it's effectively dark: if location is Staging Area and Staging Area is dim, decide yes; if in darkness, decide yes; decide no.

Definition: a direction (called thataway) is brighter if it is viable and the room thataway from the location is lighted.

Instead of switching on or switching off lighter: try burning lighter.